We’ll respond to any questions that you have, please contact us at info@impactawards.org.uk

Q. Do we have to pay a fee to enter the awards?

No, entry to The Impact Awards is free.

Q. Are there set word limits within the entry form?

Yes, there are word limits for each section of the entry form - click here to see a copy of the form.

Q. Can I enter my project into more than one category?


Q. Can we submit more than one entry (i.e. if we have several projects that are suitable for entry)?


Q. Can we submit additional material - other than the entry form to support our entry?

No, the entry process is a text based system only, we don’t accept other materials.  However, if your entry is shortlisted, you may be asked for additional information/imagery and you will also be required to produce a poster for display at Conference (details to be issued once shortlisted).  Posters will not form part of the judging process.

Q. My project has not yet been commercialised but there is interest from the business community regarding commercialisation. Would the project be eligible to enter?

A. There are two Business Impact awards to choose from, you should enter the category which best suits the stage that your project is at. If you can demonstrate strong impact potential positively on the route to realisation it will be eligible to enter or the Business Impact - aspiring category. If the impact of your project can be evidenced and - ideally quantified or measured it will be eligible for the Business Impact - Achieved category.

Q. Who sits on the judging panel?

A. The judging panel comprises:

Q.  What do you mean by ‘impact’?

A. The research councils classify 'impact' as the demonstrable contribution that excellent research makes to society and the economy. Impact embraces all the extremely diverse ways in which research-related knowledge and skills benefit individuals, organisations and nations by:

Impacts from research can take many forms, become manifest at different stages in the research life-cycle and beyond, and be promoted in many different ways.

Q. Can the 'impact' be for a Sector rather than a business?

A. Yes’. The idea of the collaborative award is that it isn’t restricted or necessarily directed towards business impacts.

Q. Do we have to nominate just one of the projects and use the research that came after as a ‘spin off’ or alternatively can we nominate all the recent work of the team as a ‘research package’ with its impact on the sector and policy debates?

A. This is really up to you to judge what makes the most coherent narrative for the impact you are describing (and what you can convey given the limited word count on the entry form)!  You should bear in mind that the award is for the KT group, not the research, so whichever emphasises the contribution of the KT practitioners involved, and how much this differed from routine KT activity is what will excite the judges. Also of importance is to have something ‘out of the ordinary’ – either in the approach that was taken and/or in the results achieved.

Q. How best should we complete the entry form?

A. We suggest that you read the guidance/judging criteria on The Impact Awards website before preparing your entry (click here) - this will help you to form your thinking and ensure that you include key information about the project and its' impact. You may also find it helpful to refer to case studies for past entries here (2009 – 2012) and here (2013). The judges will be looking for you to demonstrate several key elements, namely:

-         How out of the ordinary is the success of your project, why is it unique/different?

-         Significance within its area/sector

-         Contribution of the KT Team

-         Degree/extent of challenge overcome

-         Timescales

-         Impact – achieved or anticipated (quantified where possible)