KEC partner of the year

Nominate a partner (e.g. a business, public sector or non-profit organisation) who has worked with a university and enabled social or economic impact in conjunction with KEC team.

Am I eligible?

This category is for knowledge exchange and commercialisation teams to recognise a business, public sector or non-profit organisation who they have worked with to enable social or economic impact.

How do I enter?

Use the form below to nominate your chosen partner to recognise an outstanding relationship that highlights the benefits of collaboration. Please be aware that there is a 600 word limit on the entry form.

How is it judged?

This category will be judged by a panel drawn from the AURIL and PraxisUnico Boards.

Entries will be judged according to effective delivery of outcomes, innovative approaches to KEC, development of the relationship, and approach to collaboration.

The judges are comprised of a panel drawn from the AURIL board and PraxisUnico board and their decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

Applications should

  • Describe the scope of the working relationship

  • Describe how the collaboration came about

  • Key milestones in the development of the relationship

  • Show what the partner has brought to the collaboration

  • Show what outcomes have been enabled by working with the partner

Entry Form

Entries closed on 7th April.