KEC project of the year

Research Councils UK


Am I eligible?

This category is open to knowledge exchange and commercialisation teams from publicly funded research organisations (e.g. universities, public sector research establishments etc).

How do I enter?

Use the form below to nominate your team, or a team you think should be recognised, for the outstanding work they have done on a project to enable the achievement of academic, economic, civic or societal impacts.

The project can be standalone or part of a wider strategic partnership, but must demonstrate how your team has successfully managed knowledge exchange and/or commercialisation activity between external partners (e.g. business or charity) and academics.

Please be aware that there is a 600 word limit on the entry form.

How is it judged?

Entries will be judged according to effective use of funding, innovative approaches to KEC, relationship management and role of partners/academics, obstacles overcome, long-term benefit potential and impact delivered.

The judges will be comprised of a panel drawn from Research Councils UK and their decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

Applications should

  • Describe how the project was funded

  • Describe the project and the role of the KEC team and ways in which this was an innovative approach

  • Describe how the nominated team made a real difference and helped things happen which would not otherwise go ahead

  • Describe role of key partners

  • Describe the academic, economic, civic or societal impacts and outcomes achieved

  • Describe any obstacles overcome, key relationships built/developed, and any long term benefits enabled

Entry Form

Entries closed on 7th April.